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A Letter from the Founder of Braveheart Brewing, Bob Sofsky

Pictured above: Bob Sofsky, Braveheart Brewing Founder; Image courtesy of the    Camarillo Acorn

Pictured above: Bob Sofsky, Braveheart Brewing Founder; Image courtesy of the Camarillo Acorn

     I’ve always felt that giving back, helping those in need, and giving recognition to those so deserving is a worthy endeavor. My last decade had been dedicated to doing what I can for our military folks, our veterans and their families, and it’s been a rewarding experience.

     Recently though, with the help of a few patriotic friends, I decided to see if we could support our military and veterans in a bigger way. How to do that was the 60 million dollar question.  With so many non-profit organizations competing for contributors, what vehicle could we come up with that would be the differentiator among the myriad of organizations vying for donations?

     Enter the craft beer world… So here I was walking down the beer isle of my local supermarket eyeing the numerous selections and thinking about the good old days when you only had 4 brands to choose from. Now I had at least 50 brands to choose from. Who gets my business? I have no idea… Too many to choose from. No clue, nada. So why wasn’t I compelled by any of these brands to say “that’s the one for me”? And then the lightbulb went off. I wasn’t going to feel good about buying any of them – they lacked a strong compelling message that I needed.

     So being a part of the patriot non-profit community I immediately thought, hey, we should produce a great tasting craft beer that highlights great non-profit orgs and raise funds for them via sales.  And what did my patriotic friends say to that – “heck yeah, we’re in”.  And here we are today with Braveheart Brewing.  4 brands each representing a non-profit organization. Brewed by a veteran brewery and distributed by a veteran company. We’re only at the beginning of this journey but it’s a great journey to be on.  Producing a craft beer that not only taste good but does good is our mantra.  Serving those who serve us is our honor.

-Bob Sofsky, Braveheart Brewing Founder